About Hunter Gatherers

After two decades working with world music, jazz and ska bands across the UK music scene, guitarist Peter Michaels formed Hunter Gatherers to unite his wide influences within one group.

Featuring friends on violin, trumpet and vocals, the debut album was recorded over more than 10 years. The result is The Way Down, ranging across stomping country blues, screaming hard rock, scratchy reggae, intimate folk and gospel.

The songs touch on love and its ending, the catharsis of death, the crimes of modern warfare and social unrest. These threads are tied together by intense lyrical images, driving beats and ear-catching arrangements. They are also bound by Peter's filigree playing on acoustic, nylon and electric guitars.

Hunter Gatherers are:

Peter Michaels - guitar, vocals
Agata Kubiak - violin, vocals
Matheus Nova - bass
Demi Garcia Sabat - drums, percussion